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They face the present for a moment.

Rated: K+ (Some Content May Not be Suitable for Young Children)
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Genres: Alternate Universe, Romance
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Series: Romance of the Absurd
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Published: 07 Apr 2009 Updated: 07 Apr 2009

Story Notes:

Author's Note: The Romances of the Absurd take place in another universe, and while they are all interconnected, they occur over time, some happening at earlier moments than others, as you will see in this story.

DISCLAIMER: The name "Jericho" and all character names and trademarks associated with the television program are the intellectual property of Junction Entertainment, Fixed Mark Productions, CBS Paramount Television and/or CBS Studios, Inc. The following story is a work of fan fiction intended solely as an intellectual exercise without profit motive. No infringement of copyright is intended or should be implied.

Special Thanks to: Skyrose, for all her feedback and encouragement.

Special Credit to: Marzee Doats, who suggested each of the prompts for these stories. She would be the Big Bang Originator of this universe, though I would be responsible for the many light years of development it would undergo.

1. Taking Shelter by Penny Lane [Reviews - 2] (Word Count: 5959, Read: 5947)