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Reviewer: Shadowflame Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Jun 2013 10:51:32 AM Title: Part 6D

Awwww -how cute! I loved the little love letter of Jason... *laughs*

Oh Jeez - cuteness overload - the picnic was sooooo nice... and now I know what you meant with your "warning".... count me in to the ones who wanted to change place with Heather!

Loved it!


"April, as far as he could tell, was keeping the clinic running - barely - with spit and chewing gum, and quite possibly a secret deal with the devil.  Anything could go wrong. " --> Wow, I love your wording here! :)



Reviewer: Shadowflame Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Jun 2013 4:59:01 PM Title: Part 6C

Yes, of course the rumour mill of Jericho is firing now! *laughs*

Oohhh, and Emily found out about the pregnancy, seemed to be really shocked!


Mimi is sooooooooo right: Jake married Heather, didn't he? ;)

Reviewer: Shadowflame Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Jun 2013 4:34:55 AM Title: Part 6B

That really was a close call with Mitch! And I like how you got into the deep and padded it out with all the threats Mitch spat out!

Don't dare touch Heather! *scowls*

And poor Heather really had a bad day... hopefully talking to Jake can smooth it out! :)


Reviewer: Shadowflame Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Jun 2013 7:37:33 PM Title: Part 6A

I'm back! Finally I found some time, and now I will try to catch up and - of course - leave reviews... ;)

Nice how you put the convo between Jake and Mitch into your story! Loved that little encounter... ;)

Ohhh - red roses from Jake! Very romantic! And don't let Em get you, Heather! She's just jealous...

Ahhh - bleeep... nevertheless Em found a way to poison everything... :(

Nice how you worked Heather in at the barn! Very thrilling the moment Jake tried to get her on the radio!

And I loved the sweet moment between Heather and Johnston, when he needed help but would have been to proud to take it - and Heather turned the tables and stated, that she was the one needing help!

Good chapter, I hope soon I can read more!

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