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She looks carefully at the road ahead.

Rated: K (Suitable for Most Ages)
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Episode/Spoilers For: Season 2
Genres: Alternate Universe
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Series: Romance of the Absurd
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Published: 27 Nov 2013 Updated: 27 Nov 2013

Story Notes:


Story Notes: After a long time away, I decided to revisit the “Romance of the Absurd” world. This story takes place sometime after “Saturday Routine,” "Living by Firelight," and "Entwined."   



DISCLAIMER: The name "Jericho" and all character names and trademarks associated with the television program are the intellectual property of Junction Entertainment, Fixed Mark Productions, CBS Paramount Television and/or CBS Studios, Inc. The following story is a work of fan fiction intended solely as an intellectual exercise without profit motive. No infringement of copyright is intended or should be implied.


Special thanks to Marzee Doats for her assistance and suggestion of a key idea prompt, and continuing thanks to Skyrose, who helped bring the world of Absurd to life.

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