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Imagine it is some years into the future and a reporter has chosen to interview someone who survived the bombs and the ensuing war. Take one of the characters we don't hear from as often and let them tell us a bit about their experience of the first days, months, or year after the bombs. Think of it as a chance to explore an alternate character voice and perspective.

Categories: General Characters: Allison Hawkins, April Green, Bill, Bonnie Richmond, Chavez, Dale Turner, Darcy Hawkins, Emily Sullivan, Eric Green, Gail Green, Gracie Leigh, Gray Anderson, Jimmy Taylor, John Goetz, Johnston Green, Jonah Prowse, Kenchy Dhuwalia, Maggie Mullin, Major Edward Beck, Mary Bailey, Mimi Clark, Phil Constantino, Robert Hawkins, Roger Hammond, Russell, Sam Hawkins, Sean Henthorn, Skylar Stevens, Stanley Richmond, Ted Lewis, Trish Merrick