How to Use The Greens of Jericho Archive

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Sign Up for an Account

  1. Click on the Register link.
  2. Please read the Terms of Service at the top of the page. By registering for an account, you are agreeing to abide by The Terms of Service.
  3. Fill out required information on form (Penname, E-mail, Password, and Confirm Password).
  4. You are required to provide an E-mail address to become a member of this site. All site communications will be sent to this address, and anyone accessing the site will be able to send you E-mail at this address, although they will not have access to your actual E-mail address. Please add "" to your E-mail safe sender list to insure that you receive all communication from the site.
  5. Fill out additional information, as desired. This information will appear as part of your profile on your Members page. After you are registered, you may update this information at any time by logging into the site and editing your Bio from the Manage Account area.
  6. Please note, you will receive an E-mail message at the E-mail address you provided that will welcome you to the site and list your password.



Recover Password

To recover a lost password, click here and enter the E-mail address with which you registered. Your password will be sent to you shortly.

Contact the Archivists

To contact the Archivists with a comment, question or suggestion, please use the Contact the Archivists form. The Archivists will make every effort to respond within a timely manner.

Edit Bio

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to Manage Account.
  3. Select Edit Bio.

  4. Edit your personal information. Please remember that any information included in your Bio (with the exception of your actual E-Mail address) will be visible to anyone accessing the site.  For reasons of privacy and safety, we recommend that you only list your first name if you choose to enter your real name, rather than listing your full name.
  5. Select Submit to save changes.

Edit Preferences

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to Manage Account.
  3. Select Edit Preferences.
  4. Edit your selections.

    • Checking the Contact for new reviews box means that the site will email you whenever a review is posted on a story of which you are the Author or Co-Author.

    • Checking the Contact when author responds to review box means that the site will email you when an Author replies to your review of his or her story.

    • Checking the Contact when favorites are updated box means that the site will E-mail you when a Chapter is added to a Story you have designated as a Favorite, or if you designate a Favorite Author, when that Author posts a new Story or Chapter.

    • Checking the Use tinyMCE WYSWYG editor box enables an editor that you may use to apply formatting such as italics or bold font to your story. If you do not choose to use the tinyMCE editor you will need to add the appropriate HTML codes to your text before you post to the site. However, please note that the tinyMCE editor is freeware, and is not perfect. The Archivists hope to improve the tinyMCE offerings over time, but we cannot give a timeframe for implementation at this time.

    • You may by-pass the "adult content" warning for all M-rated stories by confirming that you are of age
  5. Select Submit to save your changes.
  6. You may change any of your preferences at any time by accessing the Edit Preferences link from the Manage Account area.



Designate a Story or Author as a Favorite

  1. You may designate a Story or an Author as a Favorite by clicking on the Add Story to Favorites or Add Author to Favorites links found at the bottom of Story Summary blocks, on Tables of Content pages and at the bottom of Story pages.
  2. You will be taken to a confirmation page where you may optionally enter comments on your Favorite. Comments are not required, though your fellow Authors will appreciate it if you do leave them. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to confirm the designation of the Author or Story as a Favorite.
  3. If you check the Contact when favorites are updated box on your Preferences page, you will receive email when new chapters are posted to a Favorite Story, or when a Favorite Author posts a new Story or Chapter.

Review a Story or Chapter

  1. Log in. Please note that anonymous reviews are not allowed and therefore you must be logged into the site in order to leave a review.
  2. Open the story or chapter you would like to review and go to the bottom of the page, where you should see a Review Textbox. You may also access the Review Page by clicking on the Reviews link next to each Chapter's title in the Table of Contents, or by clicking on the Reviews link at the top of each Story Page.

  3. Enter your Review in the Review Textbox. If you have tinyMCE turned on, you may use the formatting toolbox by highlighting the text to be formatted and selecting the appropriate formatting button. Please note, however, that some tinyMCE features do not work in the Review Textbox, such as font size changes.
  4. Please note that at this time, the software will not allow you to preview or edit your review. Reviewers may delete their own reviews if they choose to. Therefore, please take care when leaving reviews.
  5. Given the limitations of the Review block, the Archivists highly recommend that reviews be kept "short and sweet".

Submit a Story

  1. Log in.
  2. If you haven't already done so, please read the Submission Rules.

  3. Go to Manage Account.
  4. Select Add Story.

  5. Complete form.

    • Title, Summary, Selected Categories, Rating and Story Text are required fields.

    • Ratings: We use the fiction rating system described at: The highest rating accepted in The Greens of Jericho Archive is "M" (Contains Content Suitable for Mature Teens and Older). The rating selected should apply to your entire story; Chapters cannot be individually rated.

    • Categories: Stories can be posted in more than one Category. Please make sure that your story is classified in the correct Category or Categories. If you do not feel there is a Category that fits your story, please place it in the General Category. Use the Contact the Archivists form to suggest additional categories to the Archivists.

    • Characters/Genres: You can choose more than one Character or Genre by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the Characters/Genres for your story with the mouse.

    • Chapter Title should always be filled in when your story is more than one chapter. It is highly recommended that you title your chapter the same as your story if your story is only one chapter long, otherwise the chapter title will default to Chapter 1. The Chapter Title will be the link to the text from your story's Table of Contents.

    • Complete: Check this box if your story is a one shot or when you post the last Chapter to your story.

    • Episodes/Spoilers: If your story relates to or contains spoilers for a specific episode select that episode. More than one episode can be selected by pressing the CTRL key and selecting the episodes related to your story with your mouse.

  6. Summary, Story Notes, and End Notes can be entered by typing in the text box (make sure 'Use tinyMCE' is checked). You can apply special formatting to your text by highlighting the text to be formatted and selecting the appropriate formatting button from the formatting toolbox below the text box.
  7. Stories and Chapters can be entered in one of two ways:

    • Copy and paste text with html tags into the Story Textbox (tinyMCE should not be checked for this option). Note that the only html tags that are permitted by the software are: [b] [i] [u] [center] [hr] [p] [br /] [br] [blockquote] [ol] [ul] [li] [img] [strong] [em]. Note that it is preferable to use two break tags [br][br] rather than a paragraph tag [p] to mark a paragraph as the software sometimes will incorrectly format the story using the paragraph tags.

    • Copy and paste as plain text or copy and paste from MS Word into the Story Textbox (tinyMCE should be checked for this option). These icons ('Paste as Plain Text' and 'Paste from Word') are located below the Font selection box. If you write in MS Word, you may use the 'Paste from Word' option to preserve formatting from your Word document such as bold or italic font. When pasting from Word, we recommend that prior to copying your Word document, within Word, you replace the Paragraph Marks (^p) with Manual Line Breaks (^l) using the Find and Replace function in Word. (Edit menu, select Replace, select More, select Special.) You may also paste Plain Text, but you will need to apply special formatting to your text by highlighting the text to be formatted and selecting the appropriate formatting button from the formatting toolbox below the textbox.

    • Please note that a Chapter must be a minimum of 900 words in length to be accepted into the Archive.

  8. Once the form is filled out, we request that you select Preview to review your story as it will appear on the site. Once you are satisfied with your story's appearance, select Add Story.

  9. Please note that all unsolicited submissions must be validated by the Archivists before they will be visible in the Archive, and the validation process may take up to a week. If you have not received notification of your story's status 7 days after submission, please contact the Archivists using the Contact the Archivists form.

Manage a Story / Add a Chapter

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to Manage Account.
  3. Select Manage Stories.
  4. From the Manage Stories page you may:

    • Edit your Story: Make updates to the Title, Summary, Categories, Rating, Characters, Genres you have assigned to your Story.

    • Delete your Story.

    • Add a Chapter: Allows you to add Chapter Notes, Story Text and End Notes. Don't forget to add your Chapter Title, or it will be defaulted to the Chapter Number.