Episode/Spoilers For: 1.16 - Winter's End
Different Circumstances, Part 15 by Marzee Doats Rated: T (Contains Content Not Suitable for Children) [Reviews - 14]

What if circumstances were different, and Jake and Heather had met long before the school bus?  An alternate version of Jericho in which Jake and Heather are married and expecting.  A re-telling of the Jericho episode Winter's End.

Categories: Green Family, Eric/April, Jake/Heather
Characters: April Green, Bonnie Richmond, EJ Green, Eric Green, Gail Green, Gray Anderson, Heather Lisinski, Jake Green, Jessica Williams, Johnston Green, Kenchy Dhuwalia, Mimi Clark, Phil Constantino, Russell, Stanley Richmond
Episode/Spoilers For: 1.16 - Winter's End
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance
Series: Different Circumstances
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 97926 Read Count: 81551
[Report This] Published: 03 Jan 2014 Updated: 25 Jun 2022
Be My Bizarro Valentine by Marzee Doats Rated: T (Contains Content Not Suitable for Children) [Reviews - 3]

Jake and Heather celebrate the first Valentine's Day after the bombs.

Categories: Jake/Heather, Holidays > Valentines Day
Characters: April Green, Heather Lisinski, Jake Green
Episode/Spoilers For: 1.16 - Winter's End, 1.17 - One Man's Terrorist, 1.18 - A.K.A.
Genres: Alternate Universe, Romance
Series: Bizarro World
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 8125 Read Count: 16853
[Report This] Published: 14 Feb 2009 Updated: 14 Feb 2009