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Reviewer: Marzee Doats Signed [Report This]
Date: 22 Mar 2009 11:40:07 AM Title: Just Two


As you know (since I had a sneak peek at this one) that I am happily fascinated by this story.  It's one I've read over and over just because, like the Heather and Dale whom you describe, happy with one another, this story gives me a contented feeling.  This was a definite surprise.  I threw the pairing out almost as a joke, but you ran with it -- in directions I could never have imagined -- and convinced me that this could happen. 

I also enjoy the hints at the wider world you give us.  The Romance of the Absurd universe in some ways is a sadder place than the canon Jericho universe, but if events had taken that small turn for the worse, I can see how this chain of events could occur.  Our intrepid trading party was unable to run fast enough, and they were caught.  Two escaped.  Survived. Rebuilt.  And they're happy. :-)

As always, thank you for sharing!

Author's Response:

Thanks Marzee!

As you know, this pairing was one that I found quite humorous at the time, and expected to be a big challenge, but it ended up not being that hard to write, once I suspended my disbelief and committed to the circumstances. You're right about the Romance of the Absurd universe being darker than the regular canon Jericho, but I think this prompts me write on the theme of hope and rebuilding from time to time, as in this story, so it's an interesting dynamic to work with.

Thanks for the prompt, and for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: SandraDee Signed [Report This]
Date: 18 Mar 2009 2:45:53 PM Title: Just Two

There's no doubt in my mind, Penny Lane; you are such a talented writer that I would probably find your shopping list to be masterful entertainment.  You have a way with words, and this latest installment was certainly no exception! 

"Just Two" was an interesting addition to your Romance of the Absurd series.  I must admit that I find the prospect of a Mary/Jake pairing far less troublesome than a Heather/Dale pairing.  That's probably due to my own imagination limitations.  I know this Dale is older and definitely grown up, but I keep seeing that scrawny kid. 

With that said, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility that Heather and Dale would eventually feel more for each other, particularly with the way you've laid out the story.  With the two of them getting separated from Jake and Johnston after Black Jack, having to rely on each other for survival, and forging a bond that would carry them for years, it does make sense.  The commonalities they share (that they are both essentially orphaned, they've survived togethe),as well as their differences they have (he's a shrewd businessman, she can fix nearly anything) complement each other. 

I liked the parallelisms within the story:

- Heather at the beginning being in good spirits/Dale at the end being in a good mood

- their perceptions of the other and how they've changed

- their perceptions of themselves and how that ties into this relationship they've forged with each other that they don't entirely define, it just is

I did find it curious that in all their time away they didn't try to make it back to Jericho.  I can only assume that with the state of unrest around them, going back would have been too difficult, or they have a sense that by going back, they would lose what they have now, which isn't something either is willing to do.

As always, I am eager to see what you have in store for us next!

Author's Response:

Thanks for the wonderful compliment, Sandra!

You're definitely not the only one to find this pairing troublesome, so thank you for considering the details and giving the story a chance anyway.

At this point in the Absurd universe, they haven't tried to make it back to Jericho. They don't feel that there is a lot to go back to, as they've built a home and life for themselves, of sorts, and it would be so dangerous, they don't really consider it. We may visit them at a later date, so we'll have to wait and see what's in store for them in the long term.

Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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