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Reviewer: Marzee Doats Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 Nov 2013 12:48:06 PM Title: Team Building

Oh, Penny Lane.

Is it crazy to say that I am in love with this story??

Who would have thought that my attempt to construct an alternate D/S -- Darcy/Stanley instead of Dale/Skylar -- would lead to this.  Really, it was a completely off-hand idea that led me to suggest this pairing to you and I am so, so, so glad I did.

Seriously, this is my favoritest alternate pairing EVER.  Any fandom.

I of course think you are the standard bearer when it comes to writing Stanley, but you also do such a nice job giving voice to Darcy, a slightly more minor character.  At least on the show, we see her mainly in terms of Hawkins and her children.  We know that putting her kids in danger, "forcing" her daughter to become a murderer, is her breaking point.  That's a pretty extreme breaking point.  

Now we know much more about her inner life, her hopes for Sam and Allison... her hope for mini-Mimi, who she's always kept track of because she feels protective of the poor, motherless baby (see, I had to go bck and read Saturday Routine, too!).  And, at least to me, it makes perfect sense that she could fall for Stanley.  His kindness, his attention -- both to her and he children -- the way he gives so easily, loves even though he's had so much loss.  That he shows her it is possible to have a life in Jericho.  All so well done.



He had more than a few of Stanley's old sweaters, and it always seemed easy for Stanley to part with things. “Well, I have a lot,” he would usually say. “Compared to some people.”

True, she supposed. She had often felt just the opposite, secretly terrified at how few things she could count as theirs as she put on a steely face and held onto Allison and Sam's hands. You never really knew how it really was to have something until you didn't.



“Maybe,” said Darcy. “But Stanley doesn't really think like that. He'd want everyone to be at their best.”



 “Hmm,” Stanley said, pretending to think deeply, scratching his head. He could make her laugh, but not only that, he seemed to delight in it. He didn't usually take things too seriously, but he understood when things really were. 



Spotting the cons was always pretty easy. The little ones at least. His stubbornness. His remarkable ability to jump to conclusions. His love of country music. These weren't big problems.

There were others. The darkness that sometimes took him over. The silences he sometimes couldn't overcome. But they didn't seem like things she couldn't overcome.


Okay, so I went a little quote crazy there.  But there was so much good stuff as Darcy thought through her decision that I couldn't stop myself.  Beautifully written.  I am left in awe.


And on a final note, the Jake/Mary stuff was pretty beautifully done itself.  The scene of them negotiating endearments in the kitchen -- followed by deciding that they weren't yet ready to go public -- was wonderful and heartbreaking and it took so few words!  Just amazing.  The allusions to Entwined were also perfect, and I am so glad you put them in.  That's another story I am going to have to read again very soon!


Thank you for sharing!  Happy Thanksgiving!



Author's Response:

Thank you for the review and your very kind comments!

This alternate D/S was one of the original surprises of the Absurd World and I was nervous but also excited to try to go back to their story. I'm really glad it worked for you and you liked them as a favourite alternate pair – you can't really get a better compliment than that!

I really like writing each of them as characters, and there's a neat sort of rethinking, or looking at them from a different angle, that I get to do in this setting, somewhat removed from their usual family/friends circles (though some aspects of course stay the same, especially with Darcy and her kids). Because it was Darcy thinking over the decision, in a sense it had to be a bit more from her point of view and about her understanding of Stanley, but I hoped to explore both their characters and their journeys but also the qualities that stay constant in them. So if this worked, I am glad.

I'm glad the glimpses I got to provide of the other featured players of Absurd World also worked. Absurd Jake and Mary seem to require few words, but I really liked revisiting them and seeing them in this larger circle of important people in their lives. Entwined ended up being one of my favourites of the series so it was neat to also touch upon Bonnie's lasting influence in Allison's life, and slightly older and wiser Allison's continuing navigating the weird social circle in which she finds herself.

Thanks again and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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