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On Halloween, two historians visit Jericho.

Rated: K+ (Some Content May Not be Suitable for Young Children)
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Published: 18 Oct 2008 Updated: 18 Oct 2008

Story Notes:

Ghost Town

by Penny Lane and Marzee Doats

Disclaimer: Jericho is the property of CBS Paramount Network Television and Junction Entertainment.  All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.  No money is being made from this work.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Summary:  On Halloween, two historians visit Jericho.

Authors' Notes: This story is intended to be a bit of Halloween fun, and admittedly does not completely conform to the Site and Submission Rules of The Greens of Jericho.  Just for starters, there is precious little character development going on.  Enjoy, and please don't be afraid to let us know just how twisted you think we are.  Our only defense can be summed up thusly: Late night IMing. 

Warning: Character assassination within.  You've never seen this side of Jericho.

1. Ghost Town by Marzee Doats [Reviews - 4] (Word Count: 3714, Read: 16240)