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They find themselves far from everything they've known.

Rated: T (Contains Content Not Suitable for Children)
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Genres: Alternate Universe, Romance
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Series: Romance of the Absurd
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Word count: 2038 Read: 4337
Published: 16 Mar 2009 Updated: 16 Mar 2009

Story Notes:

 This story takes place in an alternate universe, far removed from any other I've ever written. This universe's inception came about after a discussion with a fellow writer about the usual relationships on the show and how they are usually explored. I was interested in how it might work to explore some pairs of characters never put together, and when I tried, it worked in some unexpected ways. And so, I present the universe that grew out of this experiment, and hope you enjoy my take on these pairings that you've never seen before.

 DISCLAIMER: The name "Jericho" and all character names and trademarks associated with the television program are the intellectual property of Junction Entertainment, Fixed Mark Productions, CBS Paramount Television and/or CBS Studios, Inc. The following story is a work of fan fiction intended solely as an intellectual exercise without profit motive. No infringement of copyright is intended or should be implied.

Special Thanks to: Skyrose, for all her feedback and encouragement.

Special Credit to: Marzee Doats, who suggested each of the prompts for these stories. She would be the Big Bang Originator of this universe, though I would be responsible for the many light years of development it would undergo.

1. Just Two by Penny Lane [Reviews - 2] (Word Count: 2038, Read: 4337)