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Reviewer: DoubleBinConnecticut Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Oct 2009 1:24:24 AM Title: Life in Bizarro World

I like this story the first time I read it on the Jericho Fan Fiction site.  Nice Job.  It also bothered me that Emily was at the Green's for Thanksgiving, and that Heather was never in that episode. 

Reviewer: Obsidianagirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Nov 2008 2:35:42 AM Title: Life in Bizarro World

Awe!!!! I love Jake when he is sweet and protective. I just thought this wa a wonderful J/H Universe. Thank you for sharing and I can't wait for more.



Author's Response:


Thanks, Sid!  Hopefully you've discovered that there are 2 sequels to this story now, and Bizarro World is actually its own series.  Enjoy!

Reviewer: Penny Lane Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Jul 2008 5:17:18 PM Title: Life in Bizarro World

What a great story, Marzee!

After just recently reading your Different Circumstances version of the couple of days that are chronicled here, I thought it was so interesting to read this in contrast. (And funny that you wrote this before you wrote that one, but I'm reading it later. I think it works, in either order.)

I love your Different Circumstances story, but I also really loved all the details you put into this little world. I smiled at your description of Jake and Gail's relationship, which you captured so well. I really enjoyed your retelling of the events in episodes ten and eleven to include Heather. I always thought it was weird how she just disappeared. You did such a wonderful job writing the interactions between Jake and Heather- I really have a clear picture of where they are at this specific point in their relationship. I especially like how they realize the "Bizarro World" coincidence that has brought them together in the first place.

Really nicely done!

Author's Response:
I think it's very interesting that you read the Different Circumstances version of  Red Flag first, and then the Bizarro World version.  I agree that they are a contrast, and I must admit that I while I was writing Different Circumstances, Part 10, I kept looking back at this story to sort of check myself.  What I noticed is that I glossed over a lot of what actually happened in the episode -- kind of necessarily since there was way too much Jake/Emily flirting going on.  Naturally, the most expedient  thing to do was to have Jake make it very clear to Emily that he wasn't interested... he had something better! :-)  I can also report that working on DC10 (and re-reading Life In Bizarro World) helped get my mind churning on ways this story (which I thought had dead-ended) might continue on.
I'm glad you enjoyed my picture of Gail's and Jake's relationship.  Jake's relationship with both his parents always seemed so authentic to me.  I really enjoyed exploring that mother and son dynamic here.  As for Heather's abrupt disappearance, the less said about that mistake, the better IMHO.  I do believe that's why we have fanfic.
Thanks for reviewing!  Sorry to take so long to respond!

Reviewer: Skyrose Signed [Report This]
Date: 14 Jun 2008 11:36:18 PM Title: Life in Bizarro World

I really enjoyed this story about Jake and Heather’s new relationship.  I didn’t like that they left Heather out of the Thanksgiving episode either and I liked your explanation about what happened.

I like the insight into the characters that you gave with the little details you put in --- Jake’s concern for Heather and how he rode up and down Main Street hoping to find her,  Gail asking Jake questions in the kitchen after he came home Thanksgiving night, Heather reorganizing her books, the picture of Heather and her parents at her graduation that Jake picked up in Heather’s apartment – just to name a few.  I like how you didn’t leave us wondering about the state of Jake and Emily’s relationship before you delved more deeply into Jake and Heather’s.

My favorite part is the conversation between Jake and Heather when Jake finally caught up with her.  I especially liked when Heather admitting being jealous and telling Jake that she should kiss her more, and then the talk that came after when Heather compared the number of kisses she gave him to the number he gave her. I also like how the conversation turned serious when Jake told Heather a little bit about his past and Heather’s reassurance that it didn’t matter and that all that did was the man he was now.

 “ Jake, who even in his worst years, had rarely exchanged a cross word with her, found himself snapping at her when she began asking questions about Emily and him like it was ten years before, and they were still a couple. Gail was obviously hurt by his reaction, which only made things worse. Finally though, Jake was able to extract the promise that she would stay out of anything to do with him and Emily, or for that matter, any romantic interest he might have, though Emily, he stressed, was not a romantic interest anymore, and that was just the way it was.”

I really thought this said a lot about the kind of relationship that Jake and Gail had.  The respect that Jake has for his mother is very evident in this part. I could just see Gail asking a lot of questions about Emily, I think it is so like her and not because she’s trying to interfere but because she just wants Jake to be happy. I have to say I like Jake’s confirmation that it’s over between Emily and him.

“Bemused, Gail had allowed Jake to win the argument, even though his reasoning didn't really make sense. Her spirits, which had taken quite a beating recently, were rising with the certain knowledge that her son had found someone to care about again, even if that someone wasn't Emily.

Truly, their disagreements were rare, and while Jake and Johnston had always had trouble forgiving each other their grievances, Gail and her son did not suffer for past hurts and wrongs. She'd hugged him fiercely, while he was still seated at the table, glad to once again have the advantage of height she'd lost just about the time he turned thirteen. She told him that she loved him, and that she was happy for him, and that surely Heather was safe, and whatever had prevented her from coming was unimportant, a miscommunication, or a mistake. Jake had groaned then, but only protested half-heartedly that she'd promised to stay out of it. “

I just loved this. I think it speaks a lot to Gail’s personality and how much she cares for her family. I liked the comparison to Johnston and Jake’s relationship and the image of Gail hugging her son fiercely while being glad to have the advantage of height. I could just see Jake groaning and rolling his eyes when Gail said she was happy for him and reassured him that Heather was safe. I also think that Jake appreciated what Gail had to say to him which is why he protested  half-heartedly.

“Before the bombs, the only deaths Jimmy had ever investigated were car wrecks on the highway. He'd had an education over the previous two months, between the bodies they had found at Bass Lake, and the suicides he'd been called out for during the past few weeks, but those weren't anything like this.”

I liked about how when you described the investigation was the reminders of just how much the world changed since the bombs went off. This was only one of them.

“Jake met his father's gaze evenly, only admitting to nothing official. Johnston still knew hardly anything about Jake's five years away from Jericho, but he was finding it surprisingly easy to read Jake now; he was no longer the punk kid who could lie to his father just as easily as he breathed.”

I liked the recognition from Johnston that Jake isn’t the same person he was when he left Jericho; that he knows Jake has grown and become a better man during the five years he was away from Jericho.

“ "Hey, knock yourself out." Jake found that he couldn't help but grin. It just seemed so Heather-ish for her to rearrange her whole living room when she didn't know what else to do; slightly obsessive and definitely adorable.”

I like the new word ‘Heather-ish’.

Author's Response:
Thanks for your comments, Skyrose!
You picked some of my favorite parts to quote, probably because they illustrated the points I really wanted to make (and so worked the hardest on) such as how much things had changed since the bombs (through Jimmy's career history), Jake's and Gail's close relationship, and how Johnston is starting to "get" Jake. 
I'm glad you liked my explanation for Heather's absence, not to mention my new word.  I think the meaning of "Heather-ish" is pretty obvious... that which is whatever you personally really enjoy about the personality of our favorite third grade teacher. :-)

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