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Reviewer: Marzee Doats Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Jan 2012 8:33:07 PM Title: The Sound and Silence

Oh, Penny Lane, you sucked me in from the very beginning with this one.  I was desperate to know who this woman was – and where she was, after all, Jericho doesn't have anything so grand as a cathedral, even one that's very much the worse for wear. 

Was she Mimi, unable to resist the lure of city life and regretting her decision?  Was this Trish, reflecting on her time in Jericho, unable to reconcile all that she was unwittingly involved in?  Had Heather left Jericho to pursue bigger opportunities to serve?  I even thought, for a heart-stopping moment, that it could be the Allison of Romance of the Absurd, mourning her first love. 

Now that I've figured it out, I can only ache for poor Mrs. Stevens, eking out a rather piteous existence in (I presume) New York City, suffering from the absence of her daughter and possibly, by this time, her husband too.  We all know that Skylar is well,, and I hope the ghostly/preternatural glimpse of her truly was a comfort to her mother.  I just wish the poor woman could find her way home, especially since Jericho turns out to be a rather nice place.

I enjoyed the chance to observe the Christmas Eve happenings, especially through restless Skylar's eyes.  It seemed very right that she should be restless, given her spectral appearance elsewhere.  That should unsettle a person, even if they're unaware it's going on.  It was good, too, to find out that everyone I was worrying about (well, not Trish, but that's understandable) at the start of this story was safe, happy and healthy, celebrating the holiday with family and friends.  The snippets you gave us were lovely: Eric the Christmas prankster, re-arranging sleeping family members; Mary and Stanley with their dramatic reading; Sean taking the next generation of Jericho boys under his wing (and the fact that that doesn't frighten me!.  And lastly, the understated way you champion Dale/Skylar, a pairing for which I will always have a soft spot.

Nicely, nicely done.

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