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Summer at night. Crackling fire. The last truth she doesn't know. 

Rated: T (Contains Content Not Suitable for Children)
Categories: Dale/Skylar Characters: Dale Turner, Skylar Stevens
Episode/Spoilers For: 1.11 - Vox Populi, 1.15 - Semper Fidelis, 1.22 - Why We Fight
Genres: Drama
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 4295 Read: 4106
Published: 13 Aug 2011 Updated: 13 Aug 2011

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DISCLAIMER: The name "Jericho" and all character names and trademarks associated with the television program are the intellectual property of Junction Entertainment, Fixed Mark Productions, CBS Paramount Television and/or CBS Studios, Inc. The following story is a work of fan fiction intended solely as an intellectual exercise without profit motive. No infringement of copyright is intended or should be implied.

 Very Special Thanks to Skyrose, for all her feedback and encouragement.


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